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Hello! Welcome to Torie’s blog, this  site has a column of a whole range of things.. from photography to lifestyle, diary of the Coffee ☕️ connoisseur, life in the view of a tourist, a bunch of rants, poems and sarcastic remarks. Generally, I’ll like to give my theme the “Mind of a Growing Black Teen ” but that might sound weird, so I’ll probably just leave it at” Mind of a She Teen”

This might sound creepy but I’ve been expecting you for a while now, straining my eyes and looking forward to your visit, I’m grateful you found me. Never mind me, this is just a system of ideas I’m coming up with whilst I grow up. I’m sorry if I bore you at any point or my mention of the word “lethargic ” seems to much. I’m a quite lazy human.

I’m not taking credit for every content here, and I’ll mention their authors as I post them. I hope you find yourself in my blog & you come back for more( you can do that by Subscribing 😬 )

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